Spiritual bypass is defined as the use of one’s spirituality, spiritual beliefs, spiritual practices, and spiritual life to avoid experiencing the emotional pain of working through psychological issues.” ¹


Channeled Message:

“What does it mean to focus on the end-goal, rather than seeing your way through the healing of the present? When we spend our time deliberating upon the actions of the past or the hopes of the future we forget what it means to live in the now. For so many lightworkers within this community, we can sacrifice our dreams of becoming a “whole person” by living in our ideal image of who we want to become, rather than focusing on who we are now. When we cater to the needs of the spiritual Self, we lose sight of our moment-Self. This is the unpacking of years of “brainwashing” by the state, the figureheads, and the authorities we have put in place to examine our belief systems through the lens of fear. We become scarce-minded, less-honorable, and more attuned to the works of anger, fear, and Self-judgement rather than Self-creation. If we can use our time more wisely to gain an even broader perspective of ourselves — one that is more allowing and forgiving of what we have right now — we move aside to allow healing action and manifestation to flow where it needs. We cannot doubt or judge our way to “enlightenment”. It simply does not work. 

Our “next action” is not the focus of the body. The body seeks admission for its feelings as they arise, not as we think they “should be”. When we grant ourselves the permission to speak up for our true nature as it is occurring, we permit the gateway of accomplishment, creativity, and action to open into our lives and receive us with grace for where we are right now. You cannot be afraid of that which is your own. Your fear or denial of the struggles of life will not prevent pain from entering; a delay in Self-representation does not keep the reality of life from seeping through. The catalyst of Self-transformation is the guilt-free consciousness of knowing who you are right now and coming to terms with the process of adaptation to the line of sight that it provides. It is not to say that we cannot observe the past or connect with a goal for the future, but that when we do we must remember first where we are right now. It is one thing to say, “I am not ready,” and another to say, “I am not worthy.” 

You see, when you expose the root of fear, the human consciousness expands to allow the truth to enter in replacement. You cannot replace fear with more Self-shame or guilt. It must be seen in the light of your Higher Consciousness and given love to move it forward. Guilt, pain, and shame are not “awful things” of which we need to “purge”, but symptoms of fears which need to be received in Light. Your human emotions exist to teach you about yourself. You cannot abandon them at the door of “enlightenment”. In this body, with this mind, and through this heart, you matter as a being in this world. This means that you must trust in your Self to show you the true path to “least resistance”, through the motions of life experiences. Shutting down to your pain receptors and attempting to replace them with feelings of unworthiness for the Higher Self does not acknowledge that you, as a human, have rights and responsibilities in this world. We would say that this “existentialist” perspective is true in that you have a duty to abide by the laws of the physical, which means that you must participate in this life if you are choosing it. It is not necessary to explore “duty”, here, but to emphasize that your road to ascension is through the exploration of the human Self — and that is unavoidable. 

Spiritual bypassing is how we have trained ourselves to “overcome” fear in painful situations, but that does not mean that it fits the truth of your heart in every moment. When you are feeling calm and at peace — this is when we would say you are in alignment with your Higher Self, but the “reaching” to get there should not be the purpose of your moving towards. This is to say that within every moment, painful or blissful, you are within grasp of your Truth. Even in our “darkest” of times, we can experience the grace of God (“Source”, or however you wish to call it) through the witnessing of our inner Truth, and sometimes that means acknowledging that there is pain we must feel. Your connection to your Light is honored in every step of the healing process — not just the end. 

We invite you to sit with this over the next few days, and ask yourself, “Where am I holding back my Light? How can I receive myself with love and joy for who I am, even in the places that I don’t want to shine?” And, “If my Truth is to sit in this pain that I am feeling right now, how can I honor mySelf and fulfill my purpose as a ‘Light-bearer’?” We ask that you “take it easy on yourself”, as they say. You might be surprised to find that the answers you were seeking were right with you the entire time.”





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