In my experience as an evolutionary and transcendental astrologer, I have seen the way that the outer planets have impacted the collective through their generational expression. This is to say that each generation, or “wave”, of the collective that is born within certain planetary transits have a very tangible effect on the world in which they live. Every generation is born to create change in this world. The change, itself, is neutral, but the effects of the change have positive and negative qualities when applied over time. 

In this article, I write to share the observations of these qualities throughout the recent generations, and express how I believe we can best adapt and contribute to the change of ascension, as we attune ourselves to the present moment. Just as it has always been, it is time again now for the older generations to relinquish control to the change of the youth and make way for a new paradigm. This article is not designed to target specific individuals, but to lift the veil surrounding the older perceptions of our world so that we can actualize change as we observe where it is needed, through the powerful intention of the present. 

For the purpose of this article, the terms “older generations” refers to Generation W (often referred to as the “Baby Boomers”) and their predecessors, although there are still remnants of perpetuation expressed throughout the earlier Generation X. The terms “younger generations” shall include some of the later years of Generation X to the end of Generation Y, due to the fact that these generations are now of age to be actively expressing themselves and making an imprint on the collective. In Astrology, the generations are much more nuanced, and I will include a link at the end of this article which explains in greater detail the sub-generations within each category and their corresponding astrological placements of the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto).  

These younger generations (and the generation Z to come) are unique in that their outer planets reside within the final signs of the Zodiac. This means that they are completing the generational cycles of karma that began centuries before them. They are quite literally ending these old cycles, power structures, and cultural systems that have been in place for hundreds of years, and ushering in a New Age. In these next paragraphs I hope to shed some light on some of the old systems and power structures that were both created and perpetuated by the older generations, and reveal the ways in which the younger generations will be dismantling and rebuilding our collective society as they bring forth the new paradigm. I have chosen to use examples of a few placements shared between each side of the generations in order to provide a larger picture of why there is opposition to the change that is occurring on our planet now.

Let us then begin with the collective currents of attitude and change facilitated by the older generations.  Pluto in Leo, Neptune in Libra, and Uranus in Taurus are some placements through which these older generations brought forth immense change in the areas of finance, marriage, authority, and power.

With Pluto in Leo, we saw the birth of the individual. These people reinvented new ways of seeing and expressing the Self through creativity (art, music, dance, etc) and leadership. However, this placement also gave way to a system of power where the self was somewhat idolized. This generation held many of the CEOs, business leaders, and politicians that centered themes of wealth and privilege and are still in power today. They believed that if they “worked hard” they could win at life, so-to-speak, gaining praise and accolades for being “on top”. This was often at the blind expense, uncompensated labor, and prejudice of minorities — especially women, people of color, the LGBTQIA+, and immigrants. Reinforcing the segregation, systemic racism, and oppression of these groups allowed those in power to remain so — most of them being white, straight men. 

The Neptune in Libra generation saw the themes of marriage, love, and community to be strong ideals, and therefore imagined the nuclear family. We see how women’s rights were still challenged quietly, with the woman romanticised as the dutiful mother at home caring for the children, and the father away to provide for the family. The “American Dream” was founded through the collective hope for a society in which everyone “got along” and made friends. Unfortunately, Neptune’s illusory nature blanketed the true civil unrest that was occurring. The eyes of those with privilege could easily look away from injustice and imagine a life of beauty and perfection in the form of bright colors and patterns on clothing, boppy tunes, and a freshly cut lawn in the middle of suburbia. 

Uranus in Taurus revealed conservatism surrounding finances, property, and the material world. A fear of lack and scarcity drove society to focus on what it could accumulate, and Uranus showed just how fragile that was. Seeking stability after the Great Depression was difficult, and these attitudes toward money and survival became instilled in the economy for decades to come. Over time, as wealth began to grow for those who had the means (the privilege) to receive it, practicality and work ethic was idealized. But the ability to work for fair wages, respect, and status in the world was short-lived. Money was hoarded and companies monopolized under the capitalistic structures that had once seemed the solution for scarcity. Business leaders, politicians, celebrities, and their descendants were grossly overcompensated for the labor that was not their own. On the backs of the lower and working classes, the immigrants, and people of color an empire was built. 

These have been only a few examples of generations which have contributed to the structures that are in place within our society today. I have chosen them as examples because it is these generations, in particular, that have rubbed against the younger generations with Pluto in Scorpio/Sagittarius, Neptune in Capricorn, and Uranus in Aquarius. We can observe this conflict through the aspects in astrology that are created between these planetary positions. 

Pluto in Leo makes a square aspect to Pluto in Scorpio, inciting tension through the fixed nature of each of these signs. The Pluto in Scorpio generation rebukes the Pluto in Leo’s attachments to the Self. Pluto in Scorpio seeks radical change to the way we perceive systems of power, civil rights, personal authority, truth, and spiritual development. No longer can we rely on false images of our identity through the praise and recognition we have garnered. Instead we must lift the veil (Scorpio) to see the truth of what we have created (Leo). Pluto in Scorpio seeks to expose and illuminate the injustices that have occurred, not only by Pluto in Leo, but through the acts of every generation within the karmic cycle before them. This is why we see such a strong shift now in cultural perceptions of what is “acceptable” behavior. This generation states that no longer shall we stand to tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, abuse of power and authority, and creations which uphold toxic structures of internalized oppression. The truth can no longer be hidden, and acts of wrongdoing must find justice. 

Neptune in Libra makes a square aspect to Neptune in Capricorn, which proves to the world that we cannot view the collective through rose-colored glasses. The generation of Neptune in Capricorn reveals that the “American Dream” isn’t realistic. Through the lens of the Earth sign of Capricorn, the fancy-free attitude of Libra is given a heavy privilege check. There are no measures in place to ensure the continuation of the old economic and home environments. Wages have not increased to reflect inflation and younger generations have little means of attaining promising careers to provide them with social security or financial stability to raise families of their own. Every member in the household must work long hours and even multiple jobs to survive, and the image of the stay-at-home mother has been replaced by the paternal father figure of Saturn (Capricorn). This has led many to seek alternative forms of supporting themselves, as the promises that were made to the generations before them of a world in which they could be anything and anyone if they worked hard enough are revealed only to be mirages (Neptune).

Uranus is in its fall in Taurus, clinging to the old structures and systems of the past. It forms a square aspect to Uranus in Aquarius, which is the rightful position of Uranus, showing us that we must reevaluate our conception of values. Where the Uranus in Taurus generation held material gains in high esteem, we must now open to see the value of human connection, instead. Releasing ourselves from the attachments to the past (to comfort, to structure, and to perceived stability) in Taurus, we can make way for a more liberating future for all of humanity through Aquarius. As Aquarius symbolizes the water-bearer, it is through this sign that we begin to actualize our own needs as One — as individuals who make up the greater collective — and therefore, extend our arms to all in need as if they are ourselves. When we serve the collective, we serve the divine, within. Justice is facilitated when we see all as equally worthy in the eyes of One. Through the expansion of innovation, spirituality, and collective creation, we build a new world.

We can no longer claim ignorance to the injustices that are being revealed to us each passing day. We cannot use the excuse that some of us are too old to change, and that we cannot change because we are a product of our past. This is a self-imposed limitation. These planetary transits and generations have shown us that the opportunity for change lies only within the Self. We begin to change when we realize we are the solution. The future of ascension is a future of the present moment, not of the past. We cannot bring the old paradigm of scarcity, fear, pain, and lack with us into the new world. We must bring light, healing, and compassion to where we are right now in order to create it. There is no “back to normal”. Radical change is not something we need to fear. Radical change is what is already occurring as we realize our creative potential within.

As a collective, I believe it is our time to recognize our mistakes and use our knowledge of what does not work to fuel our intention to build a new world that does work for us: one that is inclusive of all, like Uranus teaches us; one that is a divine vision of our most compassionate dreams, like Neptune reveals to us; and one that is a powerful, authentic expression of our creator, within, as Pluto illuminates within us. I believe in a world where every generation comes together in the present moment to create the change they wish to see. With every perspective and every opportunity to view the world in a different way, we each bring our own unique abilities to the table. We will liberate each other from the chains of the past, recognizing our authority within the collective as unbound, unbroken, and free.


Here is a link to more information on the categories and sub-categories of the generations in mundane astrology: