“Turn the other cheek.” We are being called to ask ourselves at this time whether this is the direct course of action to affect the change that needs to occur within the human level of consciousness, or whether there are other more effective ways of showing up in our lives for the people around us who need us to see them — to hear their cries for help. 

Are anger and love opposites? To answer this question, we must first ask ourselves what makes us feel unworthy of anger. What is it within us which seeks our attention when we connect to the universal authority of the pain and suffering that we see everyday within our society? What about this pain asks us to relive our suffering through the eyes of another? 

After generations of prolonged fear to live in the present, to see what has been occurring right in front of our eyes, we now have the chance to step into our power and acknowledge the injustice. To move ourselves in the direction of change, of growth, for the hope of a new future — one without suffering. How must we do this? 

Let us examine the heart-based astrology of the present moment. As we attune the frequencies of light, we can more powerfully connect to the change and justice within our human awareness. Using astrology, we can find action and deliberation for those parts of the human consciousness that require exposure. And at this time, we say that what needs to be exposed is at the same time revealing to us our power to liberate ourselves from it. Social justice is a revolution in just the same sense that it is an awareness of change that is needed. For when we recognize injustice as it occurs, we also expose the solution. The new paradigm, forged in the steel of fortitude and strength of the will when it is connected to the heart, is that point of calling which at the same time carries us to our destination.

The anger that you feel when you connect to the struggles of your families, of your friends, and of your world, is but a creation of the change that is already occurring. When you seek to process justice through the mind’s eye, through the time-space reality of future orientation, then you lose sight of the cause and the solution. However, it is within the space of the heart that we may be guided in the right direction to will our actions to manifest the most powerful solutions. In the new astrology, where the heart leads decisions, it is clear that anger is the powerful manifestation of the realization of creation, for only as we connect to things in the now moment can we ever facilitate action. 

We say to you, release the notions that time has to keep you in the dark about your truth — about your light. And that you must only find healing when it is to occur at a later date. Healing is the process of realization that you were whole to begin with. There is no discrepancy between disruption of energies that connect us to our authority. We are our own authority. And it is within this light that we shall create miracles. Miracles of growth, of expansion, and of true karmic liberation. Our connection to our old wounds and ties that have kept us bound and chained in our light is now being revealed to us as a structure of the mind that can be eliminated through the power of the present moment. When you connect to the strength and resilience of the people that surround you, you will see them in their light — for all that they can become, in every moment. Their potential is already realized within themselves when they assume their highest authority to manifest abundance and readily accepted change for the best life they can lead.

Mars, the planet of action-orientation and powerful awareness of the present moment, reveals to us in the sign of Aries that there is more to life than just settling with what we have been given. We realize that we must stand old notions of conflict resolution on their head to reveal to us the power within us to actualize change as if it is already occurring. 

In the right time we will move forward and there will be more “separation” from that which has called us into the past. Our fear, our overwhelming desire to make amends for things that have not yet occured, is unnecessary. The willingness to perceive them as healed and whole in the present moment is all that we need in order to survive. The instinct of the mind is to separate us from the future and from the past so we may not see ourselves as connected to them. But the new alignment that is clear within the heart is to show us that it is here within the now moment that we may perceive justice, truth, worthiness; all these things are not separate from us, and unite us with great cause. For it is our action which reveals to us the utmost clarity about our mission. 

Our goal to perceive ourselves as unity must come from a space of knowing that unity already exists. We cannot see separation and think that unity is a part of it, for as long as we open our eyes to the fear and overwhelm which surrounds us and not to the peace and presence which is within our hearts we only see injustice occurring. We only see that which separates us. When we connect to the joy of that which makes us human, of that which brings us closer to the divine, within, we are illuminated by the light of our true selves: of our potential to manifest in every moment for what we can perceive as a more powerful alignment toward the “future”. 

Future-based astrology will not work. This is why we must connect ourselves to the new astrology that is of the heart. Because in the mind it sees astrology as separate from us, whereas in the heart astrology is within us. And it always was. It just required our illumination in order to see it. When we stop looking around and outside of us for those things which are within us we begin to see the truth unravel. We begin to see ourselves as worthy contenders of the divine. We begin to see ourselves as manifesting and actualizing change as it is already occurring — not as something that is seperate from us and exists only in a future we must create. We are already living in it, creating it as we speak. 

When we realize this power that we have to open our hearts to the present moment that is before us we will see ourselves in justice. In unity. In all of those things which our heart desires — and why do you think it is that our heart desires them? Because it already knows them to be true. It is the mind which perceives them to be seperate from us and impossible to us until we reach a certain point: “If, then… if, then… if, then…” The mind and its chatter has us believe that we are never capable of something until we have proved ourselves “worthy” of it. Now that is something to ponder. Food for thought, for the mind. Can it answer that question? Not so much.

Let go of the control that you seek within your mind as separate from the authority that is within you. You are already there, my dear. You always had the ability to see truth in every moment, To speak truth in every moment. You are not separate from whom you wish to be. She is (they are) always here. When you realize this, what powerful things you may achieve! You are not a manifestation of your past, but a realization of your present moment potential. 

When we see clarity within our hearts, we illuminate the aspects of ourselves which are already living and available to us. That which is sought is already within. For how else would we know that we wish to seek it? How else would the mind know of that which it seeks, unless it knew it already? We can know what we want. Although it is not a matter of wanting it when one realizes that we already have it. Power to perform miracles has always been within your grasp when you consider that the divine creator resides within you.

The only actionable time is the present moment. It seems so simple, yet it is so hard for the mind to understand it, for it sees itself as separate. Just as it sees everyone else. Through the same lens of misperception we see negation, we see disharmony, we see imbalance. With closed eyes, we see fear. With eyes wide open the truth is revealed, within us already. It is not some philosophical game to play, of who knows more than the other person, of who is a believer and who is unworthy of truth. This is not the case. It is simply a matter of reconfiguration of lifetimes of misunderstanding a very simple concept. Simple for the heart, that is. Just because the mind cannot understand it does not mean that the heart cannot. That is not true. We judge something from the limited perception of the lens we see it through. 

Shifting the perception to illuminate the struggles of man when we exist in the past shows us what has not been working. So, when we are ready to see truth it shall be done. No need to wallow in regret or fear or sadness for that which has already occurred but to open our hearts to a more promising present. 

This has been a channeled message.