We are at a time now when we must help those we have hurt through ages of segregation, distrust, and disharmony. A new balancing system is in effect, breaking the chains of old habits and patterns of awareness that have resulted from many generations of suffering and resulting in a restlessness that sweeps the nation. Authority has reigned unjustly and we now consider ourselves ruled by the state under false pretenses and overwhelm. The majority are scared, but the minority will rise up and stand for their nation.

In fear we cannot process what has occurred — we cannot fight, we cannot break down the systems that must perish. But in love we can stand united for a cause greater than we have ever known. If our response is to move swiftly and justly to stand beside our brothers and sisters in solidarity for what we can achieve to change our fate we will create the path of justice, forming a movement of growth and healing in our hearts and changing the way the system is structured so that silence will no longer remain in place for revolution.

It is time now to gather and prepare ourselves for the coming of truths that have long needed exposure. We must see the actions that have occurred with clarity, recognize our mistakes, and collectively will that change occur. We can no longer wait for the masses to awaken to the injustices that surround us. We must be the change we wish to see and stand to replace fear with compassion, strength, and empowerment by the choices of our actions and the response of our hearts.

Now is not the time to remain complicit amongst the judgments and worries of those who have fallen behind, but to open our hearts to reveal to ourselves the true nature of our freedom to build a better life for ourselves. In time, we will be more aware of our opportunities to create, together. But we must work from a place of compassion and understanding for our brothers and sisters and speak up for what has been done to take back the power for ourselves.

It is not our pain, not our fight, but it is our peace that shall remove us from the authority of fear and place us in the rightful position of authority in our hearts. And we must create this peace by awakening to the truths that surround us and working to build a better world in which we can see justice every step of the way.

– This has been a channeled message.