“What can astrology possibly do for me?”

This was the question I asked myself nine years ago, after coming across a horoscope for Libra on Facebook. Sure, it seemed interesting — and maybe it was a little accurate. I mean, I could easily identify several traits about my Sun sign that I saw within myself. Surely, anyone could. Or could they?

Raised in a Christian family and having lived most of my life in the Southeastern United States, I was well aware that anything remotely related to the occult was cast aside as “demonic” and “evil.” Although I no longer identified with the religion I grew up in, I still had some hesitations. Truthfully, I have always been the child who asks “too many questions.” So, when fifteen-year-old me came across astrology it became my new obsession to attempt to debunk it. 

I scoured the internet for reliable websites and articles, watched dozens of YouTube videos, and checked out every single book on astrology available at my library (there were only four). 

Several months of research later, I found myself at a loss to any seriously convincing arguments against astrology. Each opposing argument I did find led to a dead-end; the more I learned about astrology, the more evidence I found to reject the arguments made against it. It seemed that too many opponents had attempted to refute it without actually studying the way the system works, and therefore each argument fell apart. This was rather frustrating, and it quickly dawned upon me that I was beginning to like the very subject I had set myself up to defeat. For some reason, despite my frustration, I couldn’t bring myself to give it up. As a compromise, I decided to continue studying astrology and committed to myself that I would remain alert for any valid counter-arguments.

It was then that my relationship with astrology began to change, and the same question that occurred to me many months ago returned to my mind. When I heard it in my head this time there was no disdain, no religious guilt, and no sense of superiority. It was soft, and it came to me in a whisper: what can astrology possibly do for me

My curiosity grew to the point where I couldn’t help but use what I had learned for myself. I brought my astrology books to school every day, taking notes in a little yellow workbook to help myself memorize the meanings of each planet, sign, house, and aspect in astrology. It took me a few more months to confidently look at my natal chart — the circular map of the planets in their positions of the sky at the time of one’s birth — and understand what each symbol, number, and line meant for me. I remember the feeling of familiarity as I began to put the pieces of the puzzle together; finally, I was discovering how to read and interpret my own astrological blueprint. Something inside of me clicked into place.

If I am being honest, learning astrology for me was rather much like learning how to breathe. It came so naturally to me. When before I had thought that astrology was one-dimensional, stereotypical, and pseudo-scientific, I then began to see its incredible complexity and dynamic nature. Rather than a flat circle with symbols and lines, my natal chart appeared to me as a cluster of energies, colors, and movements — each interacting with one another and telling a story. It was as if I could speak to different aspects of myself and peel away layers of confusion that had once surrounded my identity. The light of who I truly was shone through so brightly that I couldn’t neglect it any longer. Despite my depression and fears, I could at last recognize that I was beautiful, unique, and worthy of love simply for who I was.

I am a firm believer that knowledge is not valuable unless it is shared, and that all things we receive are meant to be gifted in return. Because astrology filled my heart with so much joy, it became my passion to share this joy with others so that they, too, could recognize their own inner light. From first writing online blog posts when I was in high school to then teaching astrology to large classes and giving hundreds of readings, I have now come a long way on this journey. It is an honor to be a messenger of this light, still, eight years later. 

I know you may have doubts — I did too. Astrology, like all things, is meant to be questioned. What would be fun about believing everything you hear? What would you learn if you accepted everything you’ve been taught without applying it for yourself? So, perhaps rather than taking my word for it you can ask yourself instead, “What can astrology possibly do for me?”, and see where it leads you. 

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